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Welcome to our ONLINE LABEL COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT for complying with Mexican Standard NOM051-SCFI/SSA1-2010.

​With this tool you will:

  • Know the size of the main display surface of your label.

  • Obtain the nutritional declaration per 100 g / mL

  • Know if your product requires seals and/or legends, which ones, and their required size, according to what the standard indicates.

  • Directly download the seals and legends graphics that apply to your label.

  • Get a basic label format indicating the required fields for your particular product, and the required characteristics for each of the elements.

  • Access the official database to find out if there are other specific Mexican standards applicable to your product.

To properly use it, you need:


1. A basic understanding of the definitions and concepts of the Mexican Standard NOM051-SCFI/SSA1-2010.

2. Have the following information on hand:​

  • Complete list of ingredients (including the components of compound ingredients, if these represent more than 5% of the total  product composition).


  • Nutritional facts, including the new required values: added sugars and trans fats (excluding trans fats naturally present in dairy and meat ingredients).


  • Your label measurements.

YOU DON'T NEED THIS TOOL  if your product falls within any of the following descriptions: single ingredient product, herbs, spices, coffee, herbal tea, vinegar, water, mineral water.

If you don't have the complete required information of your product or you need to be certain about it, contact us.

save time

How it works:


1 calculation  = 1 label


$10.5 USD


30 day access


$105 USD


In-depth label reviews to determine required changes took an average of 3 hours. Using OLCA, that process takes only 45 minutes. This time saving is invaluable.

Mariana Gurrola | Grupo BAFAR

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