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Consulting & Custom Digital Solutions for Growing Food Producers.

What's holding you back

from growing your business?

You've come to the right place if:

You are ready to stop running around all the time taking care of every little aspect of your business and start focusing on making the decisions that will generate real growth for it.

You are ready to work with a team of experts that will help you professionalize your food production business and bring it to the next [sales / quality / efficiency] level.


FREE VIDEO CLASS: How to start really understanding your business to achieve sustainable growth and professionalization.

You only are in control when you know your organization deep and wide. Watch our video class and learn the basic analysis structure you need, to find out what your biggest areas of opportunity are, in order to start sustainably growing your business.

Join the Growing food producers LinkedIn Community

Looking for a community of ambitious food producers, who are working to sustainably grow their businesses? Join the “Growing food producers” LinkedIn Community.

Through the years, we found ourselves constantly bringing new ideas to the table in order to improve processes and having a sustainable long-term vision for the places we worked in as employees. It didn't take us long to realize that the best way to do it is not from inside an organization. A third party point of view will always have an important advantage: impartiality. Now we have developed a method to help companies like yours to get to their next level. YES, we are bringing professionalization at reach for every business whose main principles are hard work and quality. Want to find out how? Keep scrolling.


What's next for my business?

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At this point in your business, if you are ready to:

  • Take control of your business for real, both on the production and the management side;

  • Grow your production and sales, reaching better and more sale points and high paying clients; and

  • Have a product and market presence that really shows the quality of your work...

Then our signature program Momentum is the solution you need. This consulting/data based integration program allows you to streamline your processes, gather RELEVANT data, and analyze the information with the right experts to make informed decisions.

Whether you want to get through a certification process, establish your product traceability, or improve your documentation and record system, we use a simple 5-stage process to guide you to the outcome you want to achieve.

Client success stories


Achieving an exponential growth in recent years, Peace River Honey is constantly challenged to find new and better ways to keep up with the expectations of both, the regulatory bodies and the costumers. We have proudly helped them face and overcome these challenges for the last 4 years.



Food packaging

Certification programs we work with:


If you had an audit today, would you be ready?


Our team consists of people with different backgrounds that always meet and rise at the point where we get to find YOUR particular venture's next big step.


Let's grow your business


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