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Consulting and training for the food production business owners.

You are good at what you do and it's finally time to achieve your business's full potential in production, management, and sales. Together, we'll create a plan to achieve your immediate goals, without loosing sight of the long term vision that grants your business stability and growth.

Would any of these describe where you are right now?...

You are successful with your product and getting more consumer demand but you realize right now, that not having a clear understanding of the true business/production depth of your operations,  could be holding you back from the clients, opportunities and partnerships you’re ready for.

You are ready to invest in certifications but feel overwhelmed with the number of alternatives out there and/or feel stressed about failing the process of certification and wasting your resources.

You feel ready to expand your product offer but need to determine the most efficient way to do it.

You’re clear on the fact that it’s time to invest in professional advice.


A few secrets we can share with you, straight on:

  • Your products don't need all the available certification seals to increase your sales.

  • You don't need a huge production facility to increase your production / product offer.

  • You don't need to pay for an expensive generic app or web service based data program to keep track of your production.

  • Certification inspections and the preparation for them shouldn't take you hours on end.

As consultants for entrepreneurs and family businesses, we help owners like you professionalize your operations with strategic planning, and tailored systems and training that provide you with strong foundations to exponentially expand your company.

If we work together you can expect to:


  • Work through a clear and transparent consultancy process.

  • Gain access to expert forward-thinking solutions from a multidisciplinary team of professionals that will analyze every aspect of your operations and work hand in hand with you.

  • Be part of a consultancy process that will step by step get you increased clarity and confidence of having a true deep understanding of your business processes, and feeling in control of them.

  • Walk away with tangible tools that will help you both on the day-to-day operations as well as on the long-term vision of your business.

Simple 5-stage process

Whether you want to get through a certification process, establish your product traceability, or improve your documentation and record system, we use a simple 5-stage process to guide you to the outcome you want to achieve.


Stage 1: Initial assessment

Determine needs, goals and priorities.

Here we get to know you and your company. Together, we  identify your needs, define clear priorities, set the goals to be achieved within the time length of the project, and determine the parameters of success. One on site visit to diagnose the current operation, assessment of the collection, organization and flow of information, and one follow-up meeting to discuss our findings and jointly decide the direction we want to take are included.

Stage 2: Task assignment

Assembling working groups and assign team leaders.

At this point we break apart each target into shorter tasks and assign them to the team or team member that is most fitted to succeed at it. We assign and guide a project manager to track the progress and use of resources, as well as coordinate the communications to efficiently adapt the strategy if/when needed.

Stage 3: Progress reporting

Outlining activities, tasks completed and milestones reached.

We deliver a by-weekly summary report of the progress made. The report includes completed tasks, tasks in progress or pending to begin, and any relevant arising matters that may impact the overall result of the project such as new areas of opportunity, concerns, or obstacles to tackle.

Stage 4: Final results presentation

Gauge against goals parameters of success.

At the end of the proposed time of execution for the project, we present the obtained results for each of the goals stablished on the initial stage. The report also includes a narrative of the work conducted, notes, research material, and all the evidence and documentation to support findings and results. If the need of a digital system was determined at the initial stage, we deliver it and arrange for the training of the people who will be working with it.

​Stage 5: Follow up and implementation

Make it a reality and keep the wheels moving forward.

The biggest mistake when hiring a consultant is to leave everything on paper, assuming that the file itself will make magic happen. For this reason, we conduct a work session two weeks after presenting the final results to assess the implementation progress. We also coach you through a re-engineering session to redefine needs, goals and priorities, so you can continue flying on your own.


  • Consistent project updates.

  • Someone leading the project who can clearly explain all the possible choices and recommendations being made, and how those things can benefit your business.

  • Milestones and approvals built into the process, so you won't be surprised and unsatisfied with the end result.

  • One on one final evaluation of results and assessment of next steps.

  • Walking away with the knowledge, training, and digital tools your operation requires to easily implement the strategies developed through this process. 

momentum program

Specific subjects and deliverables


Achieving certifications

Food safety manuals

Pre-audits and gap assessments


Supply chain

Online database

and traceability systems

Integrated production planning

Basic branding, product

image and web design

Wireless Computer Accessories

Frequently asked questions

What’s the investment?

- Momentum program from $3,000 - $5,000 plus database service fee and retainer monthly fee.

- Subject specific consulting services are available on the hourly basis ($110 CAD per hour).

- Database service charged by month ($25 – $115 CAD per month on the yearly basis).


How long does the process take?

Every case is different but, on average, the momentum program takes up to 3 months to be completed. Once you decide to get the process started, we contact you right away to start working. Any project's timeline gets defined at the initial stage.

Do you offer services for new business owners?

Yes, we are thrilled to participate and help boost new businesses. Strategic planning right from the start provides the strongest foundation and saves resources in the future. 

Let's grow your business together!

Ask us any other initial questions you may have and let's get to know each other better. Book your complimentary discovery session now!

UPCOMING OPEN TRAINING EVENTS    We host virtual open training sessions about important topics for the food industry. Click on the calendar and save your spot on the next one!

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