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Welcome to our calculation tool for complying with Mexican Standard NOM051-SCFI/SSA1-2010.

By using it you will:

  • Obtain the data for the nutrition facts per 100 g / mL

  • Know if your product requires seals and/or legends, which ones, in which size, and the date as of when you will need to display them on your label, according to the implementation phases on the Standard.

  • Directly download the seals and legends corresponding specifically to your label.


to use it


If you don't have the complete ingredients list of your product, or the information for your Nutrition Facts, contact us. We can assist you.


how it


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By signing up you get one FREE calculation (we don’t ask for any payment information when you sign up).

You will receive a confirmation email with your access code to use the calculation tool.



1. You must have a clear understanding of the Mexican Standard NOM051-SCFI/SSA1-2010, its definitions, and basic concepts.

2. You need to have the following information handy:


  • COMPLETE ingredients list (including the ingredients of the compound ingredients, if they represent more than 5% of the product).

  • Nutrition facts, including the new required values: added sugars and trans-fats (not including the trans-fats naturally present in meat and dairy).

  • Size of the main exhibition surface/area of your label (according to the specification on Mexican Standard NOM-030-SCFI-2006 and excluding the sealing and splicing areas)

NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED THIS CALCULATION TOOL if your product fits into any of the following descriptions: single ingredient, herbs, spices, coffee, herb infusion, fermented or substitute vinegar, drinkable water, mineral water.

Contact us if you have any questions and require professional assistance.


make your payment

Make your payment according to the number of calculations you will work with. You can always go back and pay for more calculations, if necessary.

1 calculation = 1 label

$10 USD/calculation

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation email with your access code to use the calculation tool.

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Complete de required information for your label and you will immediately receive the results. The report can be checked as many times as needed, and you can print it directly.

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